About Us

The Beginning of HOTTA Story

HOTTA is one of famous brand from New Concept Product Co., Ltd., which is a leading health and herbal food manufacturer in Thailand more than 30 years of experience with the vision to provide a better solution for improving health and reducing obesity problem among people through the commitment in producing the best quality product for consumers.

HOTTA Instant Ginger Tea has officially been confirmed as Thailand’s best-selling and most popular ginger tea brand by Nielsen Retail Index in 2013. A position we have held firmly ever since going to the future. Moreover, HOTTA has gained trustworthy recognition from many world-class institutions including ISO9001, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), BRC (Brand Reputation Compliance), HALAL and Monde Selection

From Farm to Cup

HOTTA takes years after years of research and development to find best techniques and know-how to produce the best ginger drink, keep the balance between its unique tastes and richness of natural benefits, for consumers’ daily healthy.

That is to say HOTTA selects only the best naturally fresh gingers at the age of 11-12 months, grown from audited and hygienically-control farms. At this age, our gingers contain the maximum level of “Gingerol” and “Zingerol” which are the 2 essential sources of ginger aromatic taste and natural benefits. HOTTA is processed and produced by modern food machinery technology to retain ginger aromas and benefits to the hands of customers.

Award & Recognition

All awards affirm the recognition that not only the best quality products, but also its world class taste guaranteed by various international awards.

2013: HOTTA Instant Ginger with Honey was celebrated ‘Superior Taste Award’ by iTQi, the international food testing institution in Belgium.   

2016: many of HOTTA Instant Ginger Tea variants have been certified ‘Thailand’s Healthier Choice’ by Thai FDA for their healthy ingredients for daily consumption.

2017: 3 of our HOTTA Instant Ginger Tea products received Gold Awards of Monde Selection Quality Awards 2017, the quality institution from Belgium since 1961.

Nowadays, with the best effort of all our international partners, our brands HOTTA have expanded globally into many markets across different continents around the world with the single aim since the beginning, to bring the best quality products for the better health of consumer worldwide.

Products for Your Healthy Lifestyles

HOTTA offers and continues to develop a great variety of ginger tea to serve different customer needs. This daily healthy drink has become popular alternative to normal tea and coffee because ginger tea has so much benefits from balancing your healthy body, preventing flu and many kinds of sicknesses.